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The test of a true Malawian.

A HUGE thank you to Premiere Health Group for making this possible

CAUTION: Contains adventure and a fearless need for a network connection

Girls just want to have fun. In the villages girls rarely have free time. Now that this village has a well these girls have time to enjoy some music. Another change brought on by clean water!


Loving my showers now. The first year I came to Malawi I refused to take a shower in the open. Instead I would wipe myself with a wet towel. Now I look forward to my shower every morning. I love and appreciate the local women who get up at 3:30 am to fetch buckets and buckets of water, start a fire and warm up water for us to bathe in at 5:00 am.

Ever wondered what we do all day? Here's a quick breakdown!

Quick tour of our hotel in Nsanje. Seeing Joshua tomorrow!

Drove 12 hours from the top of Malawi to the bottom just to see Joshua. He is doing great. Watch the video to hear more

Another clinic in action.  I have dedicated these three weeks of clinics to Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 which tragically took the lives of 157 people with Canadians  as the second highest casualties. I am proud to say that in the first  two weeks we have treated almost 5000 people for illnesses that for us  would not be of much concern but for rural Malawians they are often fatal.