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A Plea for Help from Dr. Esther Mcheka Chilenje, MP

Dr. Esther Mcheka Chilenje visits a refugee camp in her constituency, Nsanje North. She expressed a great need for help, and that Cyclone Idai has derailed her plans for campaigning ahead the upcoming election.

Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai is the worst tropical storm that has hit the Southern Hemisphere in recorded history. Unfortunately, this hit very close to home for the Joshua's Tree family, as Malawi was one of the most affected countries. 

Dr. Khan joined his team on the ground in Malawi shortly after the event. Those that were living in refugee camps following the 2015 floods were displaced once again. Current living conditions are a breeding ground for disease and a myriad of other health issues. 

We will be returning to Malawi in June, and any donation you can make will go far. Our 100% model guarantees donations go directly to the people in rural Malawi.

If you are unable to donate, or have already and are looking for more ways to help - sharing our information and social handles with family, friends, and coworkers is a fantastic way to help spread the word about our cause.

The aftermath of Cyclone Idai

The aftermath of Cyclone Idai

Quick Facts

Cyclone Idai Makes Landfall

map of where Blantyre is compared to beira

The cyclone landed in Beira, Mozambique on Thursday March 14th, and has decimated 90% of the city. This is very close to the area that Joshua's Tree runs our mobile clinics out of, but there has been no news reporting from these areas as they are difficult to access after heavy rains.

Search and Rescue Continues

bridge washed away, people waiting on other side, stormy clouds

The devastation was caused not only by the Cyclone, but by days of heavy rain before and after Idai made landfall. People are slowly being accessed in the harder to reach rural areas, like where Joshua's Tree focuses on. Joshua and his mother have not been heard from as of yet.

Moving Forward

flooding, team member up to knees in water, sunny skies

Rebuilding following the disaster will take years, however our main concerns right now are contaminated water, cholera and malaria. Because the buildup of water has no where to go fast, these diseases could cause more devastation than the weather event. 

Trying To Find Wifi

Walking the road in Malawi to find wifi. Met some new friends on the way!

Arriving in Malawi

Getting settled in Malawi at the hotel.

Leaving for Malawi

Checking in before flying to Malawi. Thank you to everyone for making this urgent trip possible!

Thank You to Ethiopian Airlines!

Shoutout to Ethiopian Airlines for helping us get to Malawi ASAP!